Copythorne Parish Council

Committee Representation

Each year the Council agrees specific responsibilities for Council functions and service on outside bodies.

The arrangements for 2016/17 are:



Councillors Joe Reilly (Lead Member), Simon Lucas and Steve Herra
Deputy: Councillor Sarah Coombs


Working Parties

Councillors John Goodwin (Lead Member), Sarah Coombs, and Lady Kara Hawks

Media/publicity (including Website)
Councillors Simon Lucas (Lead Member), Steve Herra and Mike Moriarty

Personnel and Governance
Councillors Sarah Coombs, Steve Herra and Simon Lucas

Parish Council Representatives on external bodies / organisations:

Body/Organisation - Parish Council Representative(s)

  • New Forest Association of Local Councils - The Parish Clerk, Chair & Vice Chair
  • New Forest Consultative Panel - Councillor Mike Moriarty
    Deputy Councillor Joe Reilly
  • Parish Hall Management Committee - Councillor Joe Reilly
  • N.E Quadrant - Councillor John Goodwin and other members

Item/Area of Responsibility/ Councillor

  • Finance - Joe Reilly
  • Media & Publicity - Simon Lucas
  • Planning - To be decided
  • Personnel & Governance - Sarah Coombs
  • Flooding - John Goodwin
  • New Forest National Park - Mike Moriarty
  • Transport - Mike Moriarty
  • Highways and Footpaths - All members of the Council
  • Splitwind Pond - John Goodwin
  • Asset inspections - Joe Reilly