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December 2015 Bulletin

Your Parish Council
The Parish Council is your elected body with an absolute focus on what issues are affecting our immediate local community. On our website, the responsibilities of the Council are outlined as being:

  • To represent the local population at grass roots level;
  • To consider and comment on planning applications to the local planning authority;
  • To make representations to the appropriate authorities on matters concerning the Parish, including the condition of roads and footpaths, traffic issues, planning policies and local services generally, and
  • To agree an annual budget and the annual parish precept.


Also, from its budget, the Council makes annual grants to some local organisations.

Our work is formed by an agenda which is both provided to us (planning applications etc.), and formed by us, on your behalf.


As was recorded in our last newsletter, the Council is very keen to ensure we are as closely connected to our community as possible.


Over the past few months, we have been looking at how we can be even better at that. We are keen to have informed debate during our Public Participation sessions within meetings, on subjects submitted in advance, by you, for consideration.


More importantly, we are also very keen to develop how we communicate and engage to secure a high quality interaction between, you, our community and us, your Councillor representatives.


We hope, shortly, to be able to provide you with our suggestions on how this could work – so watch this space for more updates!


If you have any views or comments for the Council about our work and communications or in respect of relevant items below, the contact details for the Clerk to the Parish Council can be found at the end of this newsletter.*


Road Closure – Winsor Road
A section of Winsor Road is currently closed to enable sewer repairs to be undertaken. This is following on from the previous closure of Winsor Road at the end of last year again for sewer replacement work.


If you are experiencing regular blockages with your foul (waste-water) sewage entering the main road sewer it may indicate further areas of concern. We are in contact with Southern Water on a regular basis regarding this issue, so please can you contact the Clerk to the Parish Council to let him know of any situation and we’ll follow up with the utility company.


War Memorial
Historic England has informed the Parish Council that they will be assessing Copythorne War Memorial for possible addition to the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. This is linked, in part, to their review of Memorials and other structures relating to the centenary of the First World War.


Listing helps to mark a building's significance and celebrate its special architectural and historic interest and will bring specific protection so that its special interest can be properly considered in managing its future. If you have any specific issues or comments about the architectural or historic interest of our War Memorial, please can you contact the Clerk to the Parish Council.


Bartley Junior School – Traffic Management
Following an accident at the end of September outside Bartley Junior School, a working group was formed by a number of concerned parents to find solutions to the parking and traffic issues.  Representations were made in the Public Participation section of the Parish Council meeting on October 27th 2015 where Local and County Councillors and the Police were present. 


After submissions were made, it was agreed a further meeting would be held at the school with a representative from Hampshire County Council’s School Travel Planning Team and this took place on November 16th at the school.


Those attending the meeting included a member of the School Travel Planning Team, the Head Teacher, a Parish Councillor, Site Management staff, a School Governor, the School Business Manager and Admin Officer and the Police.


The purpose of the meeting was to discuss recent traffic management issues and possible remedies.  “Travel to School” census maps were produced to show the journeys parents and children currently undertake from their home to the school.  


This showed there were a large number of journeys from outside the Bartley Junior School catchment area, predominately from West Totton.  The current school bus from this area has available capacity and an additional bus stop is to be investigated.


There are two parking areas available to parents, one at the Parish Hall in Pollards Moor Road, the other at The Haywain, in designated spaces (kindly permitted by the Manager).  Not all parents choose to park in these areas and this, together with normal through traffic, leads to congestion along Winsor Road in both directions leading to the school entrance, made worse by some drivers actually parking along Winsor Road.


In order to relieve this congestion the following recommendations were made:


  • The School bus to approach the school in one direction;
  • Extend yellow lines and zig-zag sections;
  • Car share schemes to be encouraged;
  • A “Walking bus” to be trialled;
  • An extra school bus stop at Goodies to be investigated;
  • “Parkwise” leaflets to be made available from Hampshire County Council;
  • A letter, written by the school children, to Tatchbury Mount Hospital advising staff of the morning congestion along Winsor Road and recommending using a different route, and
  • A PowerPoint presentation from the Police in July 2016 to parents of children starting school next September.


The above points will be circulated to parents asking for their co-operation in order to improve road safety for children and other road users.  A further meeting will be held to discuss what impact these measures have had.


The ‘Lengthsman Scheme’ – What Is It and What Does It Do?
The Parish Lengthsman’s principal role is to carry out minor highway maintenance on a regular basis, looking after a number of Parishes. Each Parish has a number of days allocated to this work. The Parish Lengthsman uses a distinctive vehicle equipped with hand and power tools. Copythorne Parish Council manages the Lengthsman’s contract and is the main contact for the scheme.

As well as clearing drainage areas, trimming hedges to gain access to drainage and other outlets, clearing debris and keeping signs maintained, the Parish Lengthsman reports any larger problems back to the Parish Council and uses his detailed knowledge of the area to anticipate where problems may occur in future.

Members of the Parish communities, or Parish Councillors wishing to report highway related problems can contact Joseph Reilly on the Copythorne Parish Council website.

Parish Council meetings
The Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 7 pm in the Copythorne Parish Hall (rear extension). Members of the public are very welcome to attend the meetings and speak on any matter of concern at the start. 


The dates of the next few meetings are:


Tuesday 24th November 2015                   Council
Tuesday 8th December 2015                     Planning
Tuesday 12th January 2016                      Council


*The Clerk to the Council (Michael Mortimer) can be contacted at Riverside House, Riverside Gardens, Romsey SO51 8HN. 

Telephone and fax 01794 511379, e-mail



Details of individual Parish Councillors, as well as information on District and County Councillors, can also be found on the Parish Website and on community notice boards.


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