The Potential Provision of Affordable Housing in Copythorne

Material Displayed at the Affordable Housing Exhibition

Residents of Copythorne were invited to attend an exhibition on the potential provision of affordable housing in Copythorne on Thursday 28th January 2016 in the Parish Hall.

Material that was displayed at the exhibition  is now being made available. In displaying the information on this part of the Parish Council’s web site that is dedicated to affordable housing, the electronic versions (PDFs) of the material follows  the original table layouts that were in existence at the exhibition

Table Numbers:

1. Welcome Desk

Welcome  desk area

2. Local Housing Policy and Housing Needs

Local Housing Policy
Local housing need in Copythorne (Jan 16) – housing waiting lists

3. National Housing Policy and what is affordable  housing

National Housing Policy 
What is affordable housing

4. The Exhibition Hosts

A bit about the exhibition hosts

5.  Chronology and House prices

Housing Need Survey
House prices

6. Potential Sites

The original 27 sites in blue

Initial site selection and screening criteria

The preliminary screening process of the 27 sites

The  9 sites going forward for further consideration

The sites that are not going  to be pursued further

7. Map of Sites

Maps of all potential sites

The red sites with planning comments

8. Next steps

All comments concerning affordable housing and the 9 suitable sites need to be submitted by Friday 15 April