Copythorne Parish Council for the communities of • Bartley • Cadnam • Copythorne • Newbridge • Ower • Winsor

Committees, Working Groups and representations to external organisations

Each year the Council agrees specific responsibilities for Council functions and service on outside bodies.  The arrangements for 2016/17 are:



Lengthsman Scheme


Councillors Joe Reilly (Lead
Member), Simon Lucas and Steve Herra

Deputy: Councillor Sarah Coombs
Media/publicity (including Website)

Councillors Simon Lucas (Lead
Member), Steve Herra and Mike


Personnel and Governance

Councillors Sarah Coombs, Steve Herra and Simon Lucas

Planning To be confirmed
Working Groups

Councillors John Goodwin (Lead
Member),  Sarah  Coombs, and Lady Kara Hawks

Affordable Housing

Councillors Joe Reilly (Lead
Member), Sarah Coombs and Simon Lucas

Lengthsman Scheme

Councillors Joe Reilly (Lead

Member),  and John Goodwin

Parish Council Representatives on external bodies/organisations:
Body/Organisation Parish Council Representative(s)
New Forest Association of Local Councils

The Parish Clerk and Chairman

New Forest Consultative Panel Councillor Mike Moriarty
Deputy Councillor Joe Reilly
Parish Hall Man Cttee Councillor Joe Reilly
N.E Quadrant Councillor John Goodwin and other members
The following watching brief is kept:
Brief/Organisation Parish Council Representatives
Transport (local)

Councillors Mike Moriarty and Simon Lucas


Parish Council Responsibilities Register:

Item/Area of Responsibility Councillor
Finance Joe Reilly
Media & Publicity Simon Lucas
Planning To be decided
Personnel & Governance Sarah Coombs
Flooding John Goodwin
Lengthsman Scheme Joe Reilly
New Forest National Park Mike Moriarty
Transport Mike Moriarty
Highways and footpaths All members of the Council
Splitwind Pond John Goodwin
Asset inspections Joe Reilly




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