Copythorne Parish Council for the communities of • Bartley • Cadnam • Copythorne • Newbridge • Ower • Winsor

Policies, Procedures and Governance

In order to provide effective and good governance, the Parish Council
has compiled a series of documents which set out the rules, processes
and procedures that are in place for the Parish Council to discharge its duties.


Copythorne Parish Council  Policies and Procedures


Document title Link Date
Complaints Procof Conductedures Complaints Procedure (2016).pdf Approved 24th May 2016
Code Code of Conduct (2016).pdf Approved 24th May 2016
Financial Regulations Financial Regulations (2016).pdf Approved 24th May 2016
Grants Policy Grants Policy 2016 -17.pdf Updated November 2016
Protocol for reporting at meetings Protocol for reporting at meetings (2016).pdf 24th May 2016
Standing Orders Standing Orders (2016).pdf 24th May 2016



The Localism Act also requires members of local authorities to register certain pecuniary interests both for themselves and their spouse or partner. 

Details of interests declared by members of Copythorne Parish Councillors are available.


Copythorne Parish Council Documents and Forms

Document Title Link Date
Grant Application Form Grant Application Form 2016.pdf Updated November 2016














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