Copythorne Parish Council

Community Speedwatch – Call for Volunteers to Restart the Scheme


Readers will be aware that, over the past year and with the Parish Council’s fullest endorsement, there have been several reductions in the speed limits allowed on certain roads through and side roads and lanes within the parish from 40 to 30 mph.

However, reducing speed limits does not necessarily result in all drivers observing them. Enforcement can be a problem and the Police can only address this on an occasional basis. The Parish Council is keen to support and help enforce these changes in the interests of all our community, in promoting safe conditions for all road users – general traffic, farm traffic, horse riders, pedestrians etc.

Copythorne Parish Council have a part share in Community Speedwatch equipment with Bramshaw and Minstead Parish Councils and in the past, the scheme has been run with considerable success in our Parish, in raising awareness of the speed limits and informing those who do speed of the fact that they have done so.

Following the speed limit changes, Minstead now have their Speedwatch team back in operation again using the equipment in which Copythorne has a part share. Many other Parishes within the Forest are also operating schemes with close cooperation between the Police, a local co-ordinator and a really enthusiastic band of volunteers, not forgetting of course input from their Parish Councils.

Copythorne Parish Council is very keen to consider the feasibility of the re-establishment of the scheme within our area. We are, therefore, canvassing for volunteers to express an interest in helping establish a scheme and make a regular contribution to promoting road safety in the Parish. If you have a concern about speeding in the area who would welcome the chance to get involved, then we’d really like to hear from you.

It doesn’t take a great deal of time, especially if enough volunteers can be found.  Perhaps you have a few hours a month you could spare for this worthy cause that has the added bonus of getting you out into the fresh air and meeting other people.

Full training is given with co-operation from the local Police Force who are also very keen to see the scheme revived in our area.  Results are confidential and fed into equipment at the Police Station in Lyndhurst by trained officers.

There is some leeway with the results depending on the speed limit in force on any particular road, but letters are sent out to “offenders” and continual repeat offenders are prosecuted by the Police.

At this stage, we are seeking to establish the interest prior to discussing this further with the police, so, if you are interested in taking part or would just like some more information please contact: Margaret Weston, Parish Council Clerk –  email: or telephone: 023 8081 1573 who will be delighted to hear from you.