Copythorne Parish Council Newsletter – March 2019

In this issue:

Annual Parish Meeting; Local Council Elections 2019 and Copythorne Parish Council is seeking a new Clerk!

The Parish Council Newsletter

Welcome to the March 2019 edition of the Parish Council Newsletter. This two page version of the Newsletter is available on the Council’s website.

Paper copies of this version are also available from the Bartley Post Office, Woodington Feeds and the Courtesy Filling Station shop, Romsey Road.

Annual Parish Meeting – Coming Up in March

In previous Newsletters, we have mentioned the up-coming Annual Parish Meeting, (APM) taking place on the 26 March and its theme of ‘Celebrating success in Our Community During the Past Year’ and also thoughts about a 5 Year Plan for the Parish.

There are two separate Parish based meetings at this time of year involving the Parish Council, which have different functions:

  • This meeting, the Annual Parish Meeting, is facilitated by the Parish Council but which is very much centred on the Parish community, and
  • The Annual Parish Council Meeting, which takes place on 14 May and is centred on the structures and working of the Parish Council into the next year. (This meeting will be particularly important as it will also be the first meeting of the newly elected Parish Council, following the elections on 2 May – see the separate short item on this later in the Newsletter)

For the Annual Parish Meeting, with the heading of ‘Celebrating success in Our Community During the Past Year’ we are hoping to assemble a number of presentations from individuals and groups who help us in our community and have, in the past year, achieved success in ‘making things happen.

Presentation items will include:

  • A Parish Council report on its work over the past year;
  • An update from the Friends of Copythorne Playground on 6 months into the operation of the new children’s playground and the real success it has been;
  • An update from the Parish Hall Committee on the development of thinking around redevelopment planning and the feedback from the consultation event last September;
  • Inputs and presentations from Neighbourhood Watch, First Responders and Community Speedwatch on their work this year and many other interesting items.

In addition, the Parish Council will be making its Annual Parish Award for outstanding contribution to our community to a selected winner – nominations for this have now closed.

Finally, the last part of the meeting will be a short presentation followed by a discussion on the development of a 5 Year Local Plan for the Parish. We believe that the development of such a Plan will best enable the Parish Council to support the community: forward planning any initiatives and budgeting to get the very best value from the limited resources available to us.

The presentation will suggest a format and structure, but we are seeking your ideas for what should be the priorities for the Parish Council in supporting its community over the next five years. This presentation and discussion will ‘kick off’ a consultation process which will run until September 2019 when the new Parish Council can adopt the Plan and take it forward.

This will be your Parish Plan and we are very keen to get it in place to help direct the Parish Council in future decision making!!

The final agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting will posted on noticeboards on 15 March

Local Council Elections 2019

A brief mention here of the up-coming Local Council Elections.

On 2 May local communities go to the polls to elect new Parish, Town and District Councils, including Copythorne Parish Council.

As we head towards the election date, under the regulations governing elections, we enter what is called a period of ‘Election Purdah’ on 22 March until the elections. This means that the agenda for the Parish Council meeting on 9 April will be limited to specific items.

Full details of the Local Elections 2019 can be found on the Electoral Commission website -

Copythorne is Seeking a New Parish Council Clerk – It Could Be You!

It is with great sadness that we announce the resignation of our Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer (RFO), Suzanne Middleton.

Suzanne has made great strides in helping the Council with its work and also sorting out our policies and procedures to ensure we are compliant and efficient in how we work. Unfortunately, she has decided to move on and we all thank her for her exceptional support, hard work and efficient administration of our business. She will be sorely missed.

Therefore, we need to appoint a new Clerk and RFO.

Advertisements for the this important role on for the Parish Council have already been published in the local press, on Parish Council noticeboards and on our website, where all documentation can be obtained including an application form.

Do you have organisational and administrative skills?

Do you have financial management experience?

Are you fully computer literate – especially on Microsoft Office?

Do you have some knowledge of local government, the regulations affecting it and its operation and while not essential, even a qualification as a Local Government Clerk?

Are you keen to help the Parish Council achieve its goals and undertake its work effectively and efficiently?

Then this could be the role for you!

The role is based on flexitime up to 15 hours per week, including at least one main monthly meeting a month and is home based

Salary range £19,430.00 to £21,962.00, (Pro Rata), depending on experience, on a local contract

The application closing date is Friday March 8th 2019

Interviews will take place on Wednesday 13th or Thursday 14th March 2019 18.00 to 21.00 at the Copythorne Parish Hall

Application forms and all information can be accessed via our website at:


Apply to the Parish Clerk on e-mail:

Date of the Next Parish Council Meeting:  

The next two Parish Council meetings will take place on Tuesday 12th March 2019 and Tuesday 9th April, both at 7.00 p.m. Parish Hall Annexe.

The Clerk to the Council, Suzanne Middleton, can be contacted by post at: Amberley, Wellands Road, Lyndhurst, SO43 7AD, or by telephone: 023 8112 0150 or by email at:; website:  Details of individual Parish Councillors and information on District and County Councillors, can be found on the Parish Council Website and on community notice boards.