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We are in the process of devising a revised report which will address some inaccuracies contained within the version published for the Parish Council meeting on the 24th January 2017 and uploaded to the website. This has now been removed.

The revised report will be available prior to the Parish Council meeting on the 28th February 2017.

The Potential Provision of Affordable Housing in Copythorne

Exhibition on affordable housing in Copythorne

Residents of Copythorne were invited to attend an exhibition on the potential provision of affordable housing in Copythorne on Thursday 28th January 2016 in the Parish Hall.

The exhibition ran from 3.30 – 9 pm and was well attended with over 450 people attending.

The purpose of the exhibition was to provide residents and other interested parties with an opportunity to obtain information relating to the potential provision of affordable housing in the Parish.

The information provided included details about the existing population and housing tenures.

Housing policies at a national and local level were also shown together with information about how housing need surveys in rural areas are undertaken and compiled in both Hampshire and other rural counties.

The exhibition outlined the process that was undertaken to identify 27 potential sites in Copythorne. Having identified a number of sites that could potentially be considered for the provision of affordable housing, a preliminary screening process was carried out and various sites were discounted where these:

(a) appeared unlikely to meet the basic planning policy criteria for rural exceptions sites within the National Park
(b) were not available from the landowner
(c) would affect areas of open countryside or agricultural landscapes in the more rural parts of the parish
(d) would be very difficult to access
(e) were likely to be too small to make development viable.

After preliminary screening, the original list has been reduced down to 9. It should be stressed that fhe normal planning process would apply if affordable housing was eventually proposed on any of the sites.

Residents will be invited to put forward their own views and suggestions as part of the consultation process that will take place after the open forum event.

Wide ranging feedback will be sought and cover both general responses to the principle of affordable housing as well as more specific issues in respect of any potential development of affordable housing in Copythorne and the benefits or disadvantages as residents see them.

Feedback could also include any suggestions that residents and others might have on alternative sites beyond those already identified.

Representatives of the Parish Council, Action Hampshire, The Hampshire Alliance for Rural Affordable Housing (HARAH), New Forest District Council, New Forest National Park Planning Authority and Hyde Housing were in attendance to provide information and answer questions.

A follow up Open Forum event will be held on Wednesday 16th March at 7 pm. This will also take place in the Parish Hall and be hosted by The Parish Council to give all residents a further opportunity to participate in a discussion on affordable housing.

Feedback and comment forms will be available for residents to complete after the open forum event. Feedback and comments will be analysed by an independent person or organisation for incorporation into a report to the Parish Council.

The following documents which were available in a hard copy format at the exhibition are available here:

Apologies to attendees of the exhibition, who were unable to obtain hard copies of the information pack on the day. This was due to a far greater turn out than anticipated.

If you want to ensure that you are kept advised of information and events relating to potential affordable housing in Copythorne, please visit the Parish Council’s web site at or e-mail the Parish Clerk at putting affordable housing debate in the subject line.