Each year the Council agrees specific responsibilities for Council functions and service on outside bodies.

The arrangements for 2020/21 are:

Advisory Committees

Finance (including Recruitment)
Councillors  Jackie Rhodes, Steve Herra, Graham Chillcott, Sylvia Wiggins & Parish Clerk

Councillors Graham Chillcott (Chairman), John Goodwin, Lady Kara Hawks and Sylvia Wiggins

Media/publicity (including Website)
Councillors Steve Herra, Sylvia Wiggins, Jackie Rhodes & Parish Clerk

Personnel and Governance
Councillors Graham Chilcott, Steve Herra, Jackie Rhodes, Sylvia Wiggins

Five Year Plan
Councillors Jackie Rhodes, Graham Chillcott, Steve Herra, Sylvia Wiggins & Parish Clerk

Parish Council Representatives on external bodies / organisations:

  • New Forest Association of Local Councils – Chair & Vice-Chair
  • Hampshire Association of Local Councils – Cllr Herra
  • New Forest Consultative Panel – Cllr Goodwin (Cllr Wiggins, reserve)
  • New Forest National Park Authority N.E. Quadrant Meeting – Cllrs Goodwin & Wiggins
  • NFNPA Forest North East Conservation Area review working group – Cllrs. Chillcott, Goodwin & Wiggins
  • Parish Hall Management Committee –
  • Copythorne C of E Infant School –
  • Bartley C of E Junior School – Cllr Herra
  • Community Speed Watch – Cllr Wiggins
  • New Forest Passenger Transport Forum – Cllr. Chillcott
  • Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan Partnership – Cllr Rhodes

Item/Area of Responsibility/ Councillor

  • Finance – Chairman of Finance Advisory Committee
  • Media & Publicity –  Chairman of Media & Publicity Advisory Committee
  • Personnel & Governance – Chairman of Personnel & Governance Advisory Committee
  • Flooding – Councillors John Goodwin, Graham Chillcott, Lady Kara Hawks and Sylvia Wiggins
  • New Forest National Park – Graham Chillcott
  • Transport – Graham Chillcott (Steve Herra, deputy)
  • Highways, Footpaths & Rights of Way – All members of the Council
  • Lengthsman – Parish Clerk
  • Splitwind Pond – Parish Clerk
  • Asset inspections – Parish Clerk
  • Newsletter – John Goodwin & Jackie Rhodes
  • Climate Change – Jackie Rhodes

All members of the Council should regularly review the Council newsletter, website and all similar items in the Public Domain and must report concerns to appropriate lead member and or the Clerk