It was formally agreed at the full Parish Council meeting of the 27th June 2017, that all future responsibility for potential affordable housing development within the Copythorne Civil Parish area be passed to the principle planning authority for the Parish, the New Forest National Park Authority.

The NFNPA would take forward all proposed sites for review and agreement as part of the 2016/36 Local Plan process.

Future involvement by Copythorne Parish Council will only be as consultees as part of the planning application process.

See Minute Reference 34, June 27th, 2017, meeting minutes.

Following the formal inclusion of the proposed affordable housing sites in the Copythorne area in the NFNPA 2016/36 Local Plan review, it was agreed to that the Copythorne Parish Council Affordable Housing Working Party be officially dissolved.

See Minute Reference 77, September 12th, 2017 meeting minutes.

Susan Brayley, Clerk/RFO to Copythorne Parish Council.

21st June 2018