Flooding and Drainage

Your responsibilities as a landowner

This is the time of year when we need to think about the state of Hampshire’s land drainage network.

As the rain begins in earnest and small branches and leaves begin to fall, all riparian owners (those who have watercourses on or bordering their properties) across Hampshire, and beyond, should be looking at the state of their drainage ditches, pipes, culverts and other watercourses to ensure there is unobstructed conveyance of surface water and a reduced risk of localised flooding.

Please see the accompanying poster detailing the responsibilities riparian owners have and guidance on how to undertake this maintenance to reduce flooding from surface water.

To reduce the risk of future flooding Hampshire County Council would also appreciate being informed of any new or recent works to install a culvert, pipe or infill a ditch (i.e. an ordinary watercourse) so that they can check that a land drainage consent is in place for those works.

You can report via the link ‘report flooding on land and property’ on their website or emailing them at fwm@hants.gov.uk

If you have any further enquiries regarding this or any other areas of flood risk management, please visit HCC’s website at https://www.hants.gov.uk/landplanningandenvironment/environment/flooding