The Parish Council has long maintained Splitwind Pond which is situated at the junction of Romsey Road and Newbridge Road.

The Council has a Management Plan for its upkeep which can be seen here

Evidence of Great Crested Newts found at Splitwind Pond once again

The Freshwater Habitats Trust have advised the Council that – for the 5th consecutive year – their “PondNet” survey has confirmed the presence of Great Crested Newts (“GCN”) in Splitwind Pond.

By way of background to the survey the PondNet monitoring network for GCN is an annual survey of 131 randomly selected 1km grid squares spread throughout England.

The 380 ponds which are encompassed by the network are surveyed by volunteers and project officers using eDNA (environmental DNA).

The presence of GCN is detected during laboratory analysis of a water sample, which is collected – using a standardised Methodology – from each pond in May and June.

Splitwind Pond is one of less than 50 ponds within the 380 tested where the presence of GCN’s has been confirmed every year since 2015.

More details regarding the survey can be found at

Great Crested Newt
Great Crested Newt